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Noah’s Dad; Pictures, Images, And Cuteness!

on January 3, 2011
noahs dad picture of baby noah

I love being Noah’s Dad!

If you’ve had a chance to check out our blog on Noah’s Dad than you know that we really enjoy posting a lot of pictures and images. I wanted to create an online space that would allow me to capture my journey being Noah’s dad with just images. If you’re looking for more information about Down syndrome, be sure to check out our story.

However this page will simply capture our story with images (and not many words.)

A Few Places To Connect With Noah’s Dad Online

There are a few other places online we enjoy connecting with other people and I’d encourage you join us; we’d love to meet you!

1. Noah’s Dad on Facebook

2. Noah’s Dad on Twitter


2 responses to “Noah’s Dad; Pictures, Images, And Cuteness!

  1. mamajoyx9 says:

    This is a great idea!!! Being able to post pictures without feeling like you have to write the story that goes with them – I mean, the pictures are worth a thousand words anyway!!!

    Best wishes,

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