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Hi, I’m Noah. Nice to meet you! :-)

on September 1, 2012
Cute baby with Down Syndrome Waving Hello

Hello everyone! 

Noah’s having a great time in New York. Today is our 4th day here, and it’s been a huge week!

In fact, today  was especially fun because we got to meet Chris Burke (who played Corky on Life Goes On.)

But, to add to the awesomeness, we go to visit a New York City Fire station! Talk about awesome!

Be sure to check out the videos from our trip as well.

Have you ever been to New York? If so, what’s your favorite thing to do there?


10 responses to “Hi, I’m Noah. Nice to meet you! :-)

  1. Petula says:

    Hi Noah and Noah’s Dad! 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying NY. I’ve visited NY before, but I don’t think I have a favorite thing to do. I used to live in Upstate NY for about seven years, but moved south because I couldn’t stand the winters any longer! I love your picture … too cute!

  2. tuesday2 says:

    My oldest daughter lives and works in NYC. She loves the life there. I enjoy the coffee shops on the busy, bustling city streets as well as the simplicity of the trees in Central Park. I’ll post a pict of our day-long adventure on your FB page.

  3. rssadvocate says:


    I have asked for a regular subscription to your posts.

    I just wanted to say, I absolutely love the photos you provide of your dear, sweet Noah. He is such a charming angel and I so enjoy reading and watching all of his adventures. Including the sad face photo you recently provided.

    I understand that Mosaic Down Syndrome is a rare form of Down Syndrome. I don’t recall what Noah’s diagnosis is, however, if you have an opportunity to enlighten the RARE Disease community about this area of DS, we would be very grateful! Feel free to e-mail me back to discuss.

    In the meantime, thank you so much for sharing your journey. You are such a great DAD!

    – All my best,

    Heather Earley Content Director, R.A.R.E. Blog Global Genes | RARE Project Primary: 224.221.4354 Main Office: 949.248.7273 Email: Web:

    Join 1 Million for RARE on Facebook!

    “I have a child who lives with rare disease – Russell-Silver Syndrome”

    • Noah's Dad says:

      Thanks for the kind words about our site. Have you checked out our main site where we tell the story of Noah through one minute daily videos? Be sure to check that out.

      Also our Facebook page has over 20 thousand amazing families sharing their story as well! 🙂

      By the way, Mosaic Down Syndrome isn’t a “rare form of Down syndrome.” Also I checked out your rareproject website and was surprised to see them use terms like “faulty genes” “defective dna”.. I don’t think people with Down syndrome were created from “faulty genes” at all. Here’s a chart showing our son’s chromosomes —>

      Do you have children by chance?

      • rssadvocate says:

        Hi! First, I apologize for repeating something that was not accurate (referring to Mosaic Down Syndrome). I was trying to reach out to you and I apologize if I offended you.

        RARE has no intent of referring to “individuals” as being with “faulty genes”, it is more an opportunity to help describe in laymen terms the process for which RARE disease comes about. The technical nature of RARE and Ultra RARE diseases can be difficult to explain, especially when communicating with the RARE Community – of which we represent 7,000 RARE diseases ;).

        Yes, I love your FB page. I enjoy the adventures and wonderful experiences Noah has had the opportunity to experience – you are nothing short of an amazing dad!!

        Yes, I do have children. My youngest has a rare disease, of which I almost lost him at the age of 2. He is great. Due to his diagnosis, he will always struggle with his health in many ways – ways in which most people will not understand – but, he is an amazingly sweet and strong child!

        I feel “honored” to have the opportunity to “chat” with you – and thank you for taking the time to enlighten me in the area of Down Syndrome! I wish you all the best!


      • Noah's Dad says:

        Hey no worries at all. Glad to have you on this journey with us! 🙂

  4. Jenny Hansen says:

    Oh my God, that Noah is CUTE!!

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