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Check Out Noah’s Milestones!

on September 15, 2013
developmental milestones down syndrome child

Check out Noah’s developmental milestones!

It’s hard to believe we’re closely approaching Noah’s third birthday! It seems like only yesterday we were learning the news that Noah was born with Down syndrome. We’ve learned a lot these past (almost) three years that’s for sure!

Not only have we learned a lot, but Noah has achieved a lot. We put together this list of his developmental millstones just to keep track. Feel free to check out the link and look at all the things this little kid has accomplished in his few years on earth!

By the way, in case you haven’t heard, Noah is going to be a big brother! We are so excited!!! (Be sure to check out this great article Life News did about Noah’s story, and our announcement on him becoming a big brother.)

In other exciting news, Noah’s Dad Facebook page passed the 50,000 mark this weekend! It’s been so much fun getting to know everyone through that page!

What has been going on in your child’s life? Leave a comment and tell us about it.


2 responses to “Check Out Noah’s Milestones!

  1. Crystal H says:

    Our little man just recently umturned three!! It has been quite a journey, and I’ve enjoyed reading and seeing your journey as well!! Keyan gets to go to school 2 days per week and rides the school his to and from his preschool!! I was going to take him myself, but seeing his reaction when his siblings get on/off the bus I couldn’t refuse him the joy of riding! He gets so very excited!! It’s hard to hit that 3rd birthday be auss so much changed in that one week!! Home based therapy stops, school starts, and travels to the therapy clinics!! It was a big week for him and us but we wouldn’t change anything about him!! Thank you to Noah and your great parents for posting everyday!! 🙂

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