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On Being A Good Dad.

on February 7, 2014


It’s hard to believe we’re just a few weeks from meeting baby Jaxten. Noah can’t wait to meet his little brother, and I can’t wait to meet our little boy!

I’ve mentioned that I didn’t grow up with a good dad, in fact I wrote this letter to him the day before I drove to his funeral after not talking to him for about a decade. I’ve forgiven my father, and I  wish I could have told him what the Lord had done in my life before he died. But it didn’t happen.

Thankfully, by the grace of God, I am a different father than then one I had. I tell my son I love him, and I’m proud of him. Every day. I pray for him. Every day. And I pray that the Lord would draw him to Himself. Every day.

I can’t wait to be a dad to two little boys. I can’t wait to teach my sons about the love God has for them.

I’m thankful for a God, and wife, who love me like they do.

I’m thankful for churches like mine that invest in marriages, and start marriage ministries that change lives all around the world.  I’m also thankful that they help families raise Godly men and Godly women. I’m thankful for the way they love on others. I’m thankful of how they love on me.

I wouldn’t be the dad I am without the grace of God, and the people of God, in my life. If you aren’t plugged in to a good church, I encourage you to do find one. To get plugged in. To renew your commitment to God and your spouse.

Your kids will thank later. Trust me.


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